Strategic Requirements to Ensure Your Beacon Project is a Success

Apart from meeting all the technological requirements when implementing beacon technology, the project can never be successful if you fail to meet some basic strategic requirements. So, the best thing to do is to ensure that you optimize both the beacon technology and strategy. If you synchronize the two to the maximum then you can be sure that your beacon project will be successful.

Here are some of the most important strategy requirements for any successful beacon success project.

  • Thorough marketing of your app

To ensure that you get the most out your iBeacons, you must ensure that app has sufficient range. To achieve that, you can take measures such as SEO in the respective App Store as well as programmatic advertising and performance marketing through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Based on the features of your app, you can use either viral marketing or classic PR.

  • Send less but valuable notification

Instead of showering your users with push notifications, you should send personalized messages that will benefit your audience. In that way, you will be able to reach interested and relevant audience. If your audience don’t get tangible value from your app and beacons, they will switch the features off very quickly.

  • Create added value

In addition to using your app and beacons to help with product consultations and in-store navigation for consumers with an aim of selling your products, be sure to create added value, which will motivate them to download your app. While vouchers and discounts also feature here, you should make sure that your customers don’t see your app just as a voucher device.

  • Seek for acceptance

When you are undertaking app installation, try to use incentives to obtain permission of the users for push notification. In effect, this will not only increase acceptance, but also makes it clear to users that app is offering added value to them through beacons.

  • Create awareness at the POS

For successful beacon projects, you must create awareness among the shop visitors about the added value that your beacon offers them and you can do that with stand-up display or signs. At the same time, notify them that they can only receive signals when their Bluetooth is on.

  • Trigger additional downloads

To ensure that your beacon project s successful, you must find a way to increase app downloads. Through beacons, you can notify the user about the app at the POS on their lock-screen of their smartphones.


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