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What else can I say? I am so happy that the final grade calculator is a thing that is in existence at this point in time in history, and I’m glad that I don’t have to crunch these numbers by myself, because it when it comes to my students and exam anxiety, even my well-calculated attempts and manually doing this lead to this degree of inter mistrust, like I’m somehow screwing it up, and that, somehow, I am just on the verge of some massive failure that is going to permanently destroy my GPA and leave me in poor academic standing and ruined my future as a student and as a professional and my life. No, maybe I’m hyperbolizing or over exaggerating a little bit here, but I do face a lot of anxiety when it comes to preparing for my exams. I don’t know why. Even though I’m such a great student, and I never feel anything, I guess so afraid of failing every single final exam and permanently putting a massive dent in my academic standing, which is basically perfect. I’ve never failed an exam before but that doesn’t wash away this fear. Still, I have to say, the final grade percentage calculator, which is basically just a final grade calculator that is done really well, is a godsend. Literally. Sent by God. From heaven. For me. Personally. Seriously. It is so easy to use too, that I think that even if you’re not as neurotic about this kind of thing is I am you can find a lot of value in it. All you have to do is enter your current grade, the grade you want or need, and the worth of your final. With these three pieces of information, it will calculate the exact score that you need to get on your final exam to end the course with the grade that you want or need. Seriously, there is no way of getting this information and an easier way that is more specified for you and your situation.

5 Most Popular Android Apps According To Their App Store Rankings

5 Most Popular Android Apps According To Their App Store Rankings

Android app store has more apps to its name than the app store of any other platform out there. This means that there are millions of apps that are already vying for one of the top app store ranking, with even more being added to the list every day. Well, whatever the case maybe, here are few apps that rocked the app store with their ratings.

·         Adobe Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Sketch, and Comp CC.

Fix, Sketch and Comp CC are a step towards the goal of Adobe to bring the original Adobe Photoshop to mobile. These apps have been recently launched for Android, and rest assured, they have everything that a professional photographer needs anywhere at any time. It offers the same facilities as the desktop version of the application and the user can easily use the same editing tools as the ones found in the original Adobe Photoshop.

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