SEO is Like Leading a Horse to Water

Internet Business

Building this business one needs specialists like Vancouver SEO consulting to show what is required to get traffic to visit your site and how to use the tools to guide them to your business. This requires what is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and specializes in designing websites to get the optimum amount of hits. Once the person does visit your website it requires being captivating so that visitor does not leave without exploring what you have on offer.

Method used

Firstly you need to know your market and the niche that you are wanting to sell your products. The way to obtain this information for a particular niche is to have analytical tools that calculate a number of hits you have received for a certain promotion. That way you establish who your audience is and what creates the most interest. Once you establish this you concentrate on promotions for this particular service or product and don’t waste your time on other products or services.

Establishing a niche is important because every niche there is a market and as you are trading globally there are millions of visitors every day so focus on your niche. Rather than offering products for two or three different niches rather specialize in the one niche that you receive the most hits.

Creating Traffic

Once the niche has been established and which has the potential to grow into a lucrative business start creating interest on social media sites. Most newbies think it is just a case of saying hello and placing your URL for people to visit.

Social Media

Remember when you are posting on social media sites you are dealing with humans, they like to be acknowledged and they want their desire for interesting topics to be fulfilled. A person needs to do research in the particular niche that you have decided to do business in and post interesting articles from other writers and websites and in that way people will start following you. Once they are following you, you can either communicate directly or post your site for them to visit. It is extremely important to reciprocate and visit their sites to and make comments that way you build trust and rapport.

You can get in-depth help from professional companies such as Vancouver SEO consulting who specialise in creating traffic and Search Engine Optimisation.

The SWOT analysis of estate marketing

The SWOT analysis of estate marketing

SWOT represents Strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. This report was designed to help West Vancouver realtors organize competitive strategies, and it will be best used in estate marketing. SWOT analysis is the first step in the estate marketing process. This will broaden your understanding of the business and also aid the identification of ideal customers.

Let’s look at each abbreviation of SWOT analysis

  • Strength: this involves that selling point that makes Burnaby real estate ahead of others. This some strength
  • Accessibility to market that can pay any amount
  • Living in an area where the prices for real estate is high
  • Good mentors in the business
  • Solid reputation in the area
  • Less monthly expenses
  • Outstanding connection
  • Knowledge of taxation in real estate
  • Weakness: this involves the problems that are affecting your business in that location. Some are as follow below
  • Terrible computer skill
  • Weak office system
  • Uncertainty of the economic in the area
  • Poor language skills or communication skills
  • Lack of saving
  • Marketing budgets that is not enough
  • Over dependency by family members
  • Lack of assets management
  • Overweight
  • Shallow knowledge on the business
  • Opportunity: this are the future benefits, outcomes, chances that your environment, markets, and the economy will present. Below are the opportunity that will come your way
  • Local community is gentrifying
  • New industries openings in the area, attracts more people who will lead to more house purchases
  • Local area magazine or newspapers gives you a contract with advertisement
  • Local community may have to reduce their taxation on real estate, which means more people to buy
  • All the chance to be eligible for a broker license soon
  • Threat: this involves all possible threat to the business. These are often in the future.

Here are some threats that may occur

  • Increment of interest rate
  • Major disaster in the area
  • Cash flow problems
  • Stocks gets overpriced, which decrease wealth effect
  • A lot of real estates are rising causing competition
  • Innovation that you are aware of which may affect your business

How to plan for the following SWOT

  • Take total advantages of the strength and do whatever you can
  • Reduce and eliminate each and every weakness
  • Absorb every opportunity and adjust for them to meet you at the right spot
  • Every threat should be neutralized

you will need you to set a deadline to meet your SWOT potential