Application for Compatibility: Nikon KeyMission 360

Application for Compatibility: Nikon KeyMission 360

A number of Nikon KeyMission 360 review describes the benefits, features, and the user experience of the products but not much of the reviews have focussed on the application provided by Nikon for making the Nikon KeyMission 360 compatible with the smartphones. Various features are opened to the users if the application is installed on the android or IOS devices. Some of the major features will be explored in this article.

Camera Settings:

In this option, the users can manage the settings related to the operation of cameras. As an example, you can adjust the LED light of the various indicators present on the camera. If you want the light to be bright, you can choose the option, similarly, the option for the dim light is also available. Other similar options, which can be categorized under this heading include, charging by computer, date and time setting, image comment, data of the location, copyright information and various other options.

Shooting Options:

In this head, three different subheads have been formed, which includes movie, still images and shooting options. In all these subheads, the settings related to the quality of the image, impact of noise, the size of the image, color option, underwater shooting options, light balance for a video etc. are included. These settings can be adjusted to get the desired quality of the picture. Additionally, these settings also require proper adjustment according to the scenario in which the picture is being taken or the video being made.

Additional Settings:

In the additional settings, the credit for the application, tutorial, notice from Nikon, profile building and other information can be found as some of the options. These settings are more concerned with the regulation of the company and personalization rather than the operational aspects of the camera.

This article has just provided a highlight of the Nikon KeyMission 360 application. In order to explore more features than the individual camera usage, you’ll have to install this application, which is easily available. On installation, you’ll be able to pair your camera with your phone and get the options discussed in this article. Based on your needs and requirement of the scenario, you can adjust your settings. You’ll have to explore the settings yourself and make an adjustment to get the expert level pictures from the camera. You can also look for Nikon KeyMission 360 reviews where you might find something to adjust your camera settings.